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Photo Journal of Love #2




November 22, 2017

She ravalled into the room, a'move with purple smoke, pearl sunk eyes resonating the stone of the highlands side, the lines of her body drawn with an oil paint kissed brush and the delicate stroke of an artist, composing a scene to swarm eyes fixed to love lust of her beauty brimmed form. And with flourished swipe of oblivion black the brush leaves behind her slilk smoke hair, rolling down her neck, brazened by meditatanian sun.And so saddened me the truth to be, that such like an unwelcome flourest picks the flowers the day they flourish, my silk smoke girl was taken away before her kiss my lips could nourish,and lay'n between the sheets my thoughts send off to her, her eyes so silver stone that no mortal man could conjure in his head alone.


Poem Credits: Alfie Marsden-Smedley 

Photo Credits: Xaver Konneker