Love Foundation projects range from music events, arts exhibitions and sports tournaments to selling fair trade clothing and fashion shows. Our range of activities is continuously widening and we are always looking for new opportunities to spread the universal idea of love.
The centrepiece of the Love Foundation is our Love Logo, which is the connecting factor between all members and supporters of the foundation.


Our 5 pillars

Universal Love

We believe in universal and unconditional love. In love for humanity. Love is nothing else than respect. Respect to the people you meet, see and talk to everyday, understanding and acceptance, caring for your environment out of free will, and not out of a sense of duty or social obligation. Love is a force combining and connecting people, sometimes even for their whole lifetime. It is creating happiness, and communities. This is one of the beautiful reasons why the desire for Love is inherent to humans. It is one of the most natural feelings we have, and one of the most striking ones. But loving can and should go further than direct contact to whom, or what we love. Loving the earth, nature, but also other cultures, music, art, movies and food, cities and people are only a fragment of possibilities in which Love can manifest itself. Loving manifests itself by showing dignity, respect, understanding and trust towards each other in our communities, but also to other people outside of our perceived communities. Love has the power to unite us and to create positive change.  

Water for all

Water, much like love, is something humans struggle to live without. While statistics for people lacking love are curiously not available, we know that currently 1 out of every 10 people does not have access to safe water; four times as many have no safe sanitary infrastructure (toilets). The consequences of this stretch far beyond health issues: Water scarcity disrupts people’s lives in many ways, and slows down progress; In 2015, the World Economic Forum announced the water crisis to be the #1 global risk for impact on society. Love Foundation aims to combat this problem with a philosophy and modus operandi of love. We want to enable everybody on earth to love everybody on earth unconditionally, when we care about sustainability in all its aspects, when we believe in the power of the community, and when we realize that we can and should use these energies for our goals, access to clean drinking water for everybody on earth is the logical goal. Water is life. Therefore, our purpose next so spreading love is to enable the very poorest to feel joy, create long-lasting communities and families, by helping them to get the most important resource in life: Water.


Community Spirit

The power of the community, and the synergies created between humans by a community spirit, is what we believe to be one of the strongest drivers of social change. Therefore, we always work in teams, and never all by ourselves. We want to engage others to act and start doing. We want to motivate everyone to stop talking and to start doing. Together we grow our network and help humans achieve what they want to achieve. Alone it is difficult to achieve anything but together we can be strong. As a large community, we can bring necessary change to this world.  

 Joyful purpose

Every party, art exhibition, concert or project we organise always follows a joyful purpose. We come together to do everything out of and with joy. Joy is also what we want to create in every participant. We are all connected through joy, which in turn leads to a good feeling and a healthy state of mind. We believe in happiness. Joy is the link between us and everyone else. However, we also believe that everything should have a purpose. We don’t just want to do things for the sake of joy. Combining joy with purpose is what drives and motivates us.


Shared Sustainability

Beyond loving humans, we also love nature, the environment and planet earth. This means, that we care about sustainability in all its aspects, which goes beyond environmental sustainability, but also includes social sustainability and good governance.  We want to live in a sustainable world, where everyone cares about the planet we live on. A healthy planet is the foundation of a healthy life. We see it as the responsibility of organisations and businesses alike to operate in a sustainable way. We want to share this passion for sustainability with everyone and show people the beauty of a sustainable life.  

We do our best to organise all our projects as sustainable as we can. Together we can leave this planet in a better state than we found it.