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2017 Network meeting




May 20, 2017

Twice a year we meet with lovers from our various hubs in order to connect, exchange knowledge, share experiences, plan future LOVE events and work on our mission. 

For the first family gathering of 2017, we met in Berlin from the 12th until the 14th of May. We had 2 intensive days in which we worked on developing our manifesto and the structure of the organization. Overall, it was interesting to see how all ideas came together and how we all managed to agree on what we do and stand for. 

It is always such a great feeling to meet old friends, make new ones and see our family grow every year. People from Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Maastricht and Finland (where we just opened a new hub) participated. Unfortunately, our friends from Perth and Milan could not join but they were dearly missed. 

A special thank you to David and Nele for coordinating the workshops and to the beautiful people from Berlin for organizing and hosting. It has been a real pleasure for us all. 

Looking forward to the next edition.

Much love,

Your Love Foundation